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Standard Membership/Coupon page with clickable/printable coupons - $50.00 per month this page linked to *client web site, if desired.
Includes changing the message copy twice during a 30 day period
We are pleased that we can now offer payment by credit card using PayPal online.

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Discounts for Memberships:

You can pay online through our secure server provided by PayPal Services. If you have not previously paid through PayPal you will need to register. This only takes a few minutes and your information is SAFE and SECURE.


6 months membership paid in advance will get the member 7 months of membership services.

12 months membership paid in advance will get the member 14 months of membership services.

GGCC Member Discount

ShopGaithersburg.com offers Gaithersburg Germantown Chamber members a discount of 20% off the regular membership price.

Periodic articles that promote your business in SavingsFLASH, ShopBethesda.com's opt-in email to customers who want to learn about your discounts and coupons. Our email is delivered bimonthly and focuses on shopping tips, cross-marketing opportunities, decorating ideas, wine buying tips, and more.

You can advertise on ShopGaithersburg.com & ShopGermantown.com to increase your exposure beyond the local community and to drive traffic to your products and services online.

Premium Advertising - additional advertising opportunities

Home Page and category pages on ShopGaithersburg.com & ShopGermantown.com

110x110 Animated button $75.00 per 3 month
468x60 Animated Banner $100.00 per 3 month

Banners will appear at the top of each category page and six 110s banner will appear on the home page above the fold in the middle of the home page.

Merchants will have the opportunity to select the area for their banner to appear. Only one competing merchant per each category. If you have been advertising in phone books, coupon magazines, and other direct mailers, then ShopGaithersburg.com & ShopGermantown.com will work better and cost you much less.

* If ShopBethesda.com designs your company's new web site then you will have 6 MONTH FREE for the Standard Coupon Page.

Call ShopBethesda.com at 301-417-9066 today, or send us email at members@shopbethesda.com to learn more about how you can get your business listed with this new exciting online shopping portal.

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