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Independent Insurance agent located Bethesda & Potomac, MD, writing annuiities, life insurance,
medical/health insurance, disability & longterm care insurance


Financial consulting services for growing families; offering consulting on life,
health and annuity insurance coverage. Investments you do not have to risk to gain!

Life Insurance You don't have to die to USE!!!
A Revolutionary solution...
A Life insurance Policy that covers all 4 major events in Life with an affordable premium.

1.Disability (Money to help pay your bills $300- $2000)
2 Retirement Income (Money for a secure Retirement)
3.Accelerated Living Benefits (Chronic, Critical or Terminal Illness - You can tap into your policy and access your money when you are alive)
4.Life Insurance (Money for your Family)



Most families have insurance coverage on your house or your car to help offset losses from unforeseen events. Have you considered the same with your losses on you life? Few people want to talk about death and we don't either, but unforseen things happen everyday.

The purpose of life insurance is to ensure those who depend on you will be able to maintain their standard of living even if something should happen to you. Life insurance helps secure your loved ones’ futures and potentially provide them with enough money to fulfill their obligations and pursue their dreams, even if you are no longer with them. But did you know that your life insurance can also help you when you need financial support for unforseen events in your life.

We offer life insurance in these forms: Term, Universal Life , Whole life and indexed Life insurance policies.

Life Insurance You Do Not Have to Die to Use!!
Serving Bethesda & Potomac, MD



We want you to know that there are options when trying to find health care coverage. Perhaps you are running your onw buiness or your current employer doesn't offer health coverage. We have a program you can afford. Did you know that there are healthcare options besides COBRA?

There are two types of health care programs you can choose from; HMO or PPO. Each of these programs have positive advantages. You should choose based on your needs or your familiy's needs.

In general an HMO policy is more affordable. You select your PCP (primary care physician) from the approved directory and that physician will refer you within this network of health care providers.

A PPO plan will allow you more freedom of choice since you can pick your own doctor and medical facilities, but these policies typically cost much more then the HMO plan.

We can help you make the right Health Care Choice!

Protect yourself and your family against
medical emergencies!



What would you do if you have an accident that keeps you away from your work? How would you pay your bills?

Unexpected events happen...that's why it is important to protect your most valuable assest, you and your ability to earn income.

Disability income insurance provides a monthly benefit for loss of income because of covered injuries or illnesses. After a predetermined time period, it typically pays a percentage of your income for as long as you are disabled, under your contract.

Call us about Disability Insurance coverage today!



Long-term care insurance helps you pay for extensive care services beyond a stay in the hospital, which can be very expensive.

Unfortunately, ordinary health insurance policies and Medicare usually do not pay for long-term care expenses. We are living longer; that is good news, but this also means there is a risk of serious long-lasting health problems. This could literally take all your life's savings.

Most people don't think about long-term care. They wait until they’re into their 70s and 80s and their health may already be failing, but the best time to buy long-term care maybe middle-age.

We'll help you navigate the Long Term Care options.



How do you envision your retirement years? Understanding this will help you decide how much money you will need during retirement. Planning for retirement begins with developing a customized retirement plan that suits your needs; we can help you with planning and discuss your options.

Annuities are another form of savings vehicle. Anunities can make good sense for someone who's already maxed out in other qualified plans and needs more ways to defer taxes on additional investments.

Representing these insurance companies and policy programs:


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Serving residents living in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC
and in Bethesda, Maryland (Montgomery County, MD)


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