OUR GIFT BIZ is a customized gift selection and delivery service for busy professionals. Our gifts are designed to convey thoughtfulness and creativity to enhance the value of your gift. Visit our web site to view our extensive gift catalog. We have a special offer just for customers using ShopGaithersburg.com.

Our innovative line of gifts includes: imported ceramics, sterling silver and silver plate items, premium food and bath products, hand-painted linen items, such as; children's clothes, pillows, guest towels, silk ties and scarves, stuffed animals, and so much more. We use unique containers to creatively package your special gifts. We offer convenient ordering online from our catalog of products at our web site.

Gift Consultation Services

Whether your gift buying need involves a new client or a loved-one's special day, we make your gift unique, timely and memorable.

Our Gift Biz provides a consultant to personally assist you with your gift buying. Our shopping expertise and creative packaging make us the natural choice when you need a gift.

Unusual gift baskets

Corporate Gift Programs

Corporate gifts require an understanding of workplace etiquette, value and attention to detail.

Our Corporate Gift Programs ensure that our gifts reflect an understanding of your corporate culture and deliver quality within your budget to convey value.

We make the gift experience special and effortless from concept to delivery.

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