Dry Carpet Cleaning Services: Montgomery County, Maryland, Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C. Dry carpet cleaning eliminates odors, reduces dust mites, mold, bacteria, pollution, lead dust, viruses, pollen and cat and dog dander. Removes food, coffee and red wine stains, blood, urine, vomit and pet stains


“You must be satisfied; we will touch up, re-spot, or re-clean as needed to make you happy. If we cannot make you happy, I will not take your money”. .... Cal Smith - Owner

I've been in the service industry for over 30 years and have been Dry Cleaning Carpets for over 20 years. Dry Extraction cleaning is the most effective method of carpet cleaning I have ever seen. I believe in it so much that I use this cleaning method on my own carpets.

I have been trained in HOST Factory schools. My technicians have attended upholstery cleaning classes and have been personally trained by me to provide the safest, healthiest, most through carpet cleaning possible.

We will dramatically reduce dust mites, mold, bacteria, pollution, lead dust, viruses, pollen, cat and dog dander, oils, hair and saliva residue. Regular carpet cleaning is recommended by the EPA to reduce toxins and allergens in the indoor environment. Dry extraction has been tested and shows removal between 75-90% of many contaminants.

Wet cleaning methods wash dirt and soap down into the pad where they cannot be recovered. Carpet pads may stay damp for up to 7 days, creating ideal conditions to grow mold. (Some mold spores are toxic; toddlers are at particular risk.) Oriental Carpets and wall-to-wall carpets (even top quality nylon carpets), do much better when dry-cleaned. Dry Extraction stops re-soiling from sticky soap residue because there is no sticky residue.


  • Dry Carpet Cleaning is safer, leaves carpets cleaner, brighter, fluffier & eliminates odors.

  • Deep cleans and restores very soiled carpets

  • Walk on immediately, no down time, bone dry in 1-2 hours

  • Removes dust mites, mold, allergens & toxins.

  • Safe for all carpets, wool & silk, doubles life of carpet.

  • Safe for all carpets, wool & silk; doubles life of carpet.

Poseidon Dry
Carpet Cleaning
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Read just a few of the letters from our customers

We use millions of micro-sponges moistened with safe cleaners and vigorous deep brush action from our special HOST machines. We brush sponges through the carpet fibers, wipe off soil from yarn and vacuum out soil and powder (microsponges). Carpet is ready to walk on immediately and is bone dry in one to two hours (pads never get wet).

I would never use a system that only removes surface soil, pushes dirt and soap to the bottom and pad, softens the glue backing of your carpet and locks in stains with hot water, or leaves an opportunity for mold to grow in the bottom of your carpet pad. That is why we use Dry Extraction--the safest, most effective system I know. That is also why I can GUARANTEE THE MOST THOROUGH CARPET CLEANING EVER, OR IT'S FREE!

Put me on the spot... I will prove how good we are, risk free!
with $100 minimum cleaning Value $50
Dust Mite, Flea & Mold Treatment
Stain Guard Protection with premium cleaning
1/2 Price
Stain Guard Protection
with standard cleaning
YOUR COST: $7.50 sm rooms,
$12.50 lrg. rooms
OFFER GOOD Thru March 1, 2009

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